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Payton Gillespie

Associate Sending Minister

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About Payton

I was raised in a Christian home in Texas, going to church each week with my parents and my older sister Madison. While growing up I had an understanding of the gospel at a young age and the Lord saved me in Elementary School. Through my time in the students ministry at my church, I was taught what it looks like to follow Jesus and equipped to live that out in my spaces. The Lord called me into ministry when I was in 9th grade and I started doing year-round ministry as soon as I graduated high school in 2016. The Lord then called me to serve in England as a missionary for 3 years though UK-USA Ministries while also completing my undergraduate online in Business Administration. In 2019 I moved back to Texas to work in American ministry while also starting my Masters at Dallas Theological Seminary. In August of 2021, the Lord led me to Citizens church where I joined the staff as the Students Resident.

My Hope for Citizens Church

My hope for Citizens Church is for unification among the body as they continue to grow in their biblical understanding of who God is, how that affects how they love people and that they would be able to practically live in a countercultural way. 

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We hold to the central beliefs of the Christian faith, as communicated throughout Scripture and summed up in the ancient creeds of the Church.