The gospel changes everything

The gospel changes everything

We bring glory to God through lives changed by the gospel. The gospel is not just something we believe once and move past but is something that must continue to apply as we are changed by it. It is not only foundational but applicable to all that we do. It tells us who God is, who we are and how we should respond. Steps is a semester-long intensive discipleship program that we run three times a year. It provides us the structure and support to gain traction in our relationship with God, address unresolved issues from our past, uproot sinful patterns of coping and practice the basic principles of spiritual formation so that we become whole people living as we were intended to live.

A semester-long discipleship program about the gospel and its implications


Throughout the week, you will have assigned reading and study questions to work through on your own as well as an assessment to better understand your history of sin and suffering.


You will listen weekly to teaching focused on the lesson for that week. Each sermon is aimed at the heart with the gospel.


You will meet weekly with a redemptive community in which to process what is taught each week. 


You will be placed with a mentor for one-on-one discipleship. Your mentor will meet with you and help you apply what you're learning in the class.

What you will be learning at Steps

The Genesis: Creation and Fall
The Remedy of Our Insanity: The Gospel
The Response of Faith: Repentance
The Result: Justification, Adoption, and Sanctification
Assessing Anger and Abuse
Assessing Sex, Guilt, and Shame
Assessing Fear, Grief, and Loss
Getting to the Roots: Offering and Asking
Peacemaking 1: Reconciling and Amending
Peacemaking 2: Confronting and Forgiving
Persevering and Pursuing
The Joy of Making Much of His Name

Listen to audio from past Steps Teaching

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Join us for Recovery

Wherever you find yourself, Recovery is a weekly ministry for men and women who feel overwhelmed by sin and suffering to pursue redemption in Christ.

Wednesdays at 6:30 pm
No registration is required and child care is available.