Living in Christ

September 17, 2023

Our lives are hidden in Christ and we’ve been called to live in light of this reality by faith, which saves and changes us into the person we were always meant to be.

Other Sermon Teachings


Identity in Christ

Jamin Roller
September 10, 2023
Being in Christ means our identity is found and formed in Jesus. What is true about Him is true about us. In a world that tells us “we are who we say we are” God’s word tells us “we are...

God is with Us in Christ

Jamin Roller
September 3, 2023
Being In Christ means we are reunited with God and enjoy His presence. The lie of the garden is that life is better without God. In Christ, we are made right with God and live in His presence both now...

In Christ

Jamin Roller
August 27, 2023
This week we begin a new series on union and communion with Jesus. "In Christ" is one of the most repeated phrases in the New Testament. In this series we will learn from God's word what it means to be...