Advent | Worship

December 4, 2022

Advent reminds us that we as Christians are marked by certain distinct characteristics. Last we looked at what it looks like to be marked by Grace. This week we reflect on the characteristic of Worship—what it looks like to sing to the Lord even in the face of suffering. 

Other Sermon Teachings


The Wise Spirit

Jamin Roller
February 5, 2023
Of all the topics the wisdom books address, one of the most convicting pertains to the spirit. The wise in spirit are slow to anger, hard to offend and quick to bring peace.

Growing in Wisdom

Tymarcus Ragland
January 29, 2023
As we pause and look back at the slow pace of wisdom and in the person of Jesus Christ, we see a pattern of lowering ourselves in humility. The more we trust in Christ, and God’s wisdom, the more we...

Wisdom & Justice

Jamin Roller
January 22, 2023
Wisdom is living in God's world, God's way. Throughout His word, God talks about the weak and the vulnerable. Justice is part of God's way. We should care about the weak and vulnerable because God cares about the weak and...