Belonging: Word of God

September 19, 2021

We continue this week in our series called Belonging, in which we are asking our members to renew their membership and walking through our church values. This week, we talk about our second value, Word of God: the true story of who God is and who we are.

Other Sermons


Psalms: How to Talk to God About My Emptiness

Tymarcus Ragland
October 17, 2021
In Psalm 16, David is calling out to God from a place of lack — of emptiness. When we are in a season of longing, God meets us. He comforts us with His presence. Psalm 16 is a prayer to...

Belonging: Living on Mission

Jamin Roller
October 10, 2021
We conclude our Belonging series with the last value — Living on Mission: Joining God in restoring all creation. At Citizens Church, we want to proclaim the gospel as we share our faith, love our neighbors help the vulnerable, and...

Belonging: Whole Person Discipleship

Jamin Roller
October 3, 2021
In Week 4 in the Belonging series, we examine our value Whole Person Discipleship: All of life fully formed by love for Jesus. Scripture: Colossians 1:28 and Romans 8:28-29.