Sincere Speech

June 16, 2024

The book of James has a lot to say about how we speak. In this sermon, we look at how James calls followers of Jesus to speak with integrity as people who keep their word. Scripture: James 5:12

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Rhythms of Play

Jonathan Dodson
July 14, 2024
The rhythm of play is often neglected in theology. What is play? Is it even biblical? How can we practice it in a healthy way? This sermon explores the meaning of play from various angles, including a unique perspective from...

Rhythms of Rest

Jonathan Dodson
July 7, 2024
It can be hard to slow down in a busy society. What keeps us from experiencing true rest? How is Sabbath different from the slow movement? This message shows us how to cultivate a life of sabbath-shaped rest. Scripture: Exodus...

Pursue With Grace

Jamin Roller
June 30, 2024
James ends the letter with wisdom on how to relate to those who wander from the truth. We faithfully respond to this passage by examining our own hearts and pursuing those who wander with grace.