Together is Better


Attending church looks different now in a way that it never has before. But even in that, God remains faithful to His people and meets us where we are. We want to help equip you to not only survive, this season, but flourish and grow. We believe that God is continuing to call His children into deeper relationship with Him despite the difficulties.

Below are three ways you can still engage with the body of believers in uncertain times.

Ministry Resources

We believe that it is good for the body of believers to gather together to exhort and admonish each other. If you are interested in attending a service in-person and would like to know what services at Citizens Church look like, you can find more information below.

How To Guide

Gathering in small groups in each other's homes is a great way to corporately worship while honoring those who are not a position to gather in larger groups.

How To Guide

We recognize how difficult this season is to navigate, and wanted to provide you with some help in how to participate in the corporate gathering, privately from your own home.

How To Guide

Additional Resources