Family & Fear

September 18, 2022

This week, we continue looking with wisdom at our family of origin. The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord. The place we should begin to learn wisdom is the home, which is also often where we learned what to fear. This week we ask; what did your family fear?

Other Sermon Teachings


Wisdom & Family of Origin

September 12, 2022
Throughout Proverbs, we hear the voice of parents teaching wisdom to their children. God's design is that children would learn to live in God's ways in the home where they were raised. In this sermon, we are invited to reflect...

Life is a Gift Part 3

September 4, 2022
The book of Ecclesiastes accuses life of being blindingly brief and tragically out of our control. The only way to live wisely is to receive this brief, complicated life as a gift. Ecclesiastes 7:1-14 contributes to that message.

A Return to Wisdom & Wonder

August 28, 2022
Wisdom is living in God’s world, God’s way. This week we revisit what we covered in the spring by looking at the posture of the wise, the posture of the foolish, and some of the major themes of the Book...