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Kinsey Owen

Kids Operation Manager

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About Kinsey

From birth I have been surrounded by people who love the Lord. I don’t truly remember a time when I didn’t trust that Jesus Christ was my Lord and Savior. From the day that I asked my dad to help me pray for myself for the first time, to my baptism in elementary school, to the collapse of the only church I knew in middle school, to finding a new church home in DFW, college and marriage, the Lord has shown His kindness and faithfulness to me over and over again.

In 2010, I left the suburbs of Houston for the suburbs of Dallas to attend The University of Texas at Dallas. I began going to The Village Church and never looked back. I eagerly anticipated the opening of a Plano campus, which happened the year that I graduated college. After a year-long internship with the Baptist Student Ministry at UTD, I married my husband Cody and was given the opportunity to actually use my English degree as an associate copywriter at The Village. For two years we continued to attend the Plano campus while I worked part-time in Flower Mound on the Communications team.

One of my tasks as copywriter was to review job descriptions for new openings at the church, and one day in 2017, I was editing the job description for the role I now have — Children’s Ministry Assistant. That same day I let my boss know that I wanted to apply and reached out to the Kids team at the Plano campus, who I served as a volunteer with during weekend services. There were many factors that led me from copywriting to children’s ministry, including my experience as a nanny and babysitter and teaching preschool ballet classes throughout college. And a large factor was getting to be a part of the Plano campus’s transition to becoming Citizens Church. Working here is a joy and an honor, and I feel so blessed to be a part of God’s plan in this place.

My Hope for Citizens Church

I hope that Citizens Church will be a place where people are known, loved and encouraged to continually be growing in their relationships with God and others.

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