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Braedon Taylor

Operations Manager

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About Braedon

Many of my earliest memories center around hearing stories from the Bible, being at church and learning about Jesus. I’m thankful that God gave me two loving parents who taught me about Jesus and my need for a Savior. Jesus saved me in November 1998, and since then I have imperfectly sought to follow Him with everything that I have.

I’ve lived in DFW for my entire life, and most of my childhood was spent in Wylie, Texas. In 2010, I started serving on staff in the student ministry at my church in Wylie and attending The University of Texas at Dallas. During this time, God provided a deep community with other believers through campus ministry at UT Dallas. This community encouraged me to bring sin to light, helped confirm the calling of God in my life toward vocational ministry, and invited me to join The Village Church Plano campus after college.

After graduating from UT Dallas—through a series of God-ordained coincidences—I started as an Operations Intern at The Village Church. For seven years I served on the Operations team at TVC and helped establish all of TVC’s campuses as autonomous local churches. While I worked in Flower Mound, my community and church membership remained at Citizens Church. It’s an absolute joy to serve alongside the people I love, at the place I love.

My Hope for Citizens Church

My hope for Citizens Church is that we would exist as a hospitable, honest and humble community of Jesus followers that demonstrates Good News to the Plano area. I pray that we are known by our unity in Jesus and love for all people.

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We hold to the central beliefs of the Christian faith, as communicated throughout Scripture and summed up in the ancient creeds of the Church.