Job Detail

Groups Minister / Female

Groups ministers are responsible for executing the mission of the Groups Ministry of Citizens Church to create gospel-centered communities where members are formed into and practice the love of Christ. They do so by identifying, equipping, leading and giving counsel to Home Group and Recovery coaches/leaders and the members of their groups. ​They are also asked to recruit and train new leaders and coaches in assigned areas.

Position: Full-time

Location: Plano, Texas

Department: Groups

Reports To: Lead Groups Minister

Please email your cover letter and resume to

Job Responsibilities

  • Strategy and Planning
    • Collaborates internally with the Groups department on resourcing, equipping and discipling leaders
    • Creates/executes regular training, curriculum, events and communication for group leaders
    • Supports the Recovery Ministry on care and direction for leaders/coaches
  • Tactical Execution
    • Equip existing Home Group coaches and leaders for the work of ministry
    • Recruit and train Home Group leaders and coaches
    • Plan and execute Home Group leader equipping and connecting events
    • Coordinate and execute bi-monthly/quarterly meetings for women’s Home Groupcoaches
    • Equip group leaders to model Christ and provide care and counsel to their members
    • Mobilize groups toward gospel-centered service and gospel-centered multiplication
  • People Development
    • Shepherd Home Group and Recovery leaders and coaches providing them with guidance, teaching, encouragement, direction and support for their groups on a regular basis
    • Provide care and counsel for members and attendees in difficult seasons
  • Administration
    • Oversight of Home Group coaches and leaders, Recovery coaches and leaders
    • Oversight of care cases
  • Other
    • Maintain compliance with Citizen Church’s employee policies and procedures
    • Maintain compliance with all state and federal laws and regulatory requirements
    • Must demonstrate annually a clear background check
    • Perform other duties as required

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Affirm Citizens Church’s Statement of Faith and commit to exhibit a lifestyle that is consistent with the same
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Master’s degree preferred
  • 3+ years of ministerial leadership experience
  • Deep knowledge of and training in biblical theology
  • Understanding of church theology, philosophy and practice of ministry
  • Ability to communicate effectively (verbal, written, etc.)
  • Able to organize leaders and volunteers
  • Proficient in administrative systems (e.g. Nexonia, Google Drive, etc.)
  • Able to make decisions, problem solve, manage conflict and work well on a team
  • Self-starter, flexible and adaptable
  • Demonstrate good time management