We’re so excited that you’ll be attending a worship gathering with us at Citizens Church. For all of our guests, we want you to feel safe, welcome and prepared as you walk through our doors. By letting us know you’re visiting, we’ll be able to get in touch and serve you best.

Christmas Day Service

We will have a Christmas Day Liturgy available for you to watch on Christmas morning. We encourage you to use the Advent guide to help shape that time for you. 

Previous Advent Sermons


Advent | Grace

John Hall
November 27, 2022
The season of Advent reminds us that even on this side of the cross, we, like the Israelites, await Jesus' return with hope and longing. This week we reflect on the concept of “Grace.” Just as we can receive Jesus...

Advent | Worship

Jamin Roller
December 4, 2022
Advent reminds us that we as Christians are marked by certain distinct characteristics. Last we looked at what it looks like to be marked by Grace. This week we reflect on the characteristic of Worship—what it looks like to sing...